📚The Last Chance Library 📚

“…the library is about so much more than simply books. Libraries are like a net, there to catch those of us in danger of falling through the cracks.”

June Jones lives in the sleepy little village of Chalcot, England. Since her mother’s death 8 years ago, she has grieved by mostly shutting out the world. She works as a library assistant and helps a wide array of folks each day in the library. When their local council tries to shut down the library, June must find her courage and save the library.

This is the feel good book you’ve been looking for! If you love books, reading, and libraries, hustle out and pick it up!

✅Quirky, adorable characters you’ll fall in love with
✅A book about books
✅British vocabulary/humor🥰
✅You’ll be thankful for your local library and all it does for your community.


Do you use your local library?

🌺The Layover🌺

Doesn’t this make you want to book a tropical vacation? 😎


It may be fall but if you need a fun escape, check out The Layover! It’s been all over #bookstagram this summer and it was worth the hype!

The Layover was written by @allaboutthat_lace -a real life flight attendant! According to the notes about the author, she wrote much of the book from the jump seat! I love it ✈️

Ava is engaged to the picture perfect man and is starting her last trip as a flight attendant. She’s looking forward to settling down even though she grew up with parents with major wanderlust and settling down seems like the next big adventure.

Unfortunately, she’s assigned a trip with the awful Jack, a fellow flight attendant who she’s been trying to avoid for a few years after he helped her former pilot BF cheat. But when the plane is grounded in Belize due to mechanical issues, Ava has to decide what she really wants in life and who to spend it with. 😎

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

👻The Lost Village👻

I finished this a few weeks ago (I’m behind!) and unfortunately it’s another “eh” for me. If you’ve read this DM me!!

Here’s what I liked:
👻Creepy, dark atmosphere
👻The cover- very spooky!
👻The premise definitely hooked me in!

Here’s what I didn’t like:
🏚The main character, Alice
🏚Pretty major plot holes/ absolutely unbelievable things that happened.
🏚The book highlights mental illness but sometimes feels a little like it equates mental illness with psychosis.
🏚Violence toward a person with a disability (specific content warning below)

For the first 200 pages I liked it. Weird stuff was happening, people disappeared, and I was here for the spookiness. Then it just went off the rails a little bit. It felt a little like the author couldn’t decide if she wanted the book to be paranormal or to have it be a believable story. The result was it just didn’t work. 🤷🏻‍♀️
What was the last book you were disappointed in?

Content warning: mental illness discussion and recovery, rape and resulting childbirth of person with a disability, violent death of this character, brain washing, religious abuse, murder, descriptions of murdered bodies

🌮Tacos for Two 🌮

🌮Tacos for Two 🌮

Thank you to @revellbooks and @betsystamanthaddox for my copy of Tacos for Two!

If you love tacos, You’ve Got Mail, mixed with humor and deeper themes then this is your book!

Rory inherits a food truck from her aunt and she is struggling to keep it functioning. Jude is working with his cutthroat brother and father at their family’s law firm, taking the northern Texas courts by force. But he really wants to sharpen his knives and take on cooking.

Their alter egos are falling in love online, but when they meet in person they do not get along. Especially when Jude decides to be the main competition in a food truck cook off. Once they find out who the other really is, will they be able to keep their love going?

I really loved this one! I loved that their problems were so real. So many people are meeting online these days and it was fun/awful (is that possible🤷🏻‍♀️) to put myself in their shoes and wonder how I would handle their situation!

Also, I’m obsessed with the cover!

In the book, Rory hates cilantro while Jude loves it. Are you a cilantro person?

Steam Level: 🔥(kissing but otherwise pretty clean)

A Christmas in the Alps

What did you do on Monday when social media was down?

🎄I finished up @authormelodycarlson newest Christmas novella!
Thank you to @revellbooks for my copy!!

You’ll want to add this book to your list of holiday reads! It’s just not Christmas without reading Carlson’s newest novella!

🎄After a death in the family, Simone discovers a letter describing a treasure hidden her great grandmother’s hometown in the French Alps. After overcoming her fear of flying, Simone makes her way to France and has a huge adventure of her own. She meets a handsome clockmaker, finds out more about her family history, and has a magical holiday in the enchanting Alps.

🎄A Christmas in the Alps is a perfect, festive escape and it’s available now!

🎄I know most of us are reading spooky books this month, but do you have any holiday books you’re looking forward to?

The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery

“Sometimes looking through a broken lens lets us see something wonderful and unexpected.”

The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery by Amanda Cox was in a word- phenomenal 🎉

I had the privilege of reading this earlier this summer and couldn’t put the book down! With themes of grief, hope, and loss of various kinds it follows 3 dynamite women from the same family. You’ll cheer and cry alongside each of them! It was truly moving and I think about these characters and the story often. No matter your age or walk of life, I think you’ll love this book.

This book was every bit as good as Cox’s debut last year, The Edge of Belonging (which was one of my favorites of 2020).

Beyond the Tides

⚓️Beyond the Tides ⚓️

Thank you @revellbooks for my copy of Beyond the Tides!

This is a new series taking place on Prince Edward Island! When I saw that, my inner Anne of Green Gables fan girl squealed and I wanted the book no matter what!

I’m happy to say, it didn’t disappoint! It’s an enemy to lovers trope, which is my favorite!
Meg’s father owns a lobster fishing business and wants to sell it to her HS nemesis, Oliver. She can’t stand the idea of him inheriting her dad’s lifelong work so she quits her job as a teacher and decides to compete for the job against Oliver. Her dad will decide who gets the business after the lobster season ends.
Meg throws herself into the business with funny results. Meg and Oliver both realize the other isn’t who they thought they were and bond over grief they both experience. But when someone starts to sabotage the business they have to work together to have a successful fishing season and find the culprit.

This story was full of charm and absolutely realistic characters. And now I need to live on PEI!

📘🐴Along a Storied Trail 📘🐴

📘🐴Along a Storied Trail 📘🐴

“The way the Lord can bring blessings at hard times can confound a body for certain.”

Thank you to @revellbooks for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
Fans of The Giver of Stars will like this book, the vivid but not quite as gritty story of another Great Depression Appalachian pack horse librarian.
Tansy Calhoun is a the local “book woman” who provides books to the local mountain folk. The story is full of several sweet love stories, and lots of uplifting faith during very hard times. There are a lot of interesting and funny characters but occasionally it felt like a lot of people to keep straight.
Overall, I liked this lovely story. I love books about books and this is worth a read!

💜Blackberry Beach💜

💜Book Review💜

Thank you to @netgalley and @revellbooks for a copy of Blackberry Beach in exchange for an honest review.

This is book 7 in the Hope Harbor (Oregon) series but if this is your first trip to Hope Harbor this book could be a stand alone story!


Katherine Parker is on the cusp of becoming a huge, household name in Hollywood. But after a misunderstanding that results in a tragedy, she flees to Hope Harbor to examine if Hollywood life is worth it. Trying to fly under the radar, Katherine still attracts the attention of Zach Garrett, the local barista with a history and life changing story of his own. When they find out they are neighbors, they grow closer and weather the punches that life throws their way.

I love the Oregon coast setting and the quaint town! And I was rooting for both Zach and Katherine the whole time. It’s the perfect cozy story for a spring day! 💜😎

Blackberry Beach is available now!

Anchored Hearts review

Thank you so much to @bookishfirst and @kensingtonbooks for my copy of Anchored Hearts by @prisoliveras 💛🌺

Transport yourself to Key West and pick up Island Affair and Anchored Hearts, 2 fun stories about the adult children in the Navarro family. In (book 2) Anchored Hearts, Anamaria’s online fitness business is taking off and she is working hard to balance it with the family business of being a firefighter. But when her childhood love, Alejandro, comes back to town years after breaking her heart, she is forced to figure out if success means anything without love in her life. Overflowing with Latinx culture, lively family dinners, and some very meddling mamis, you will LOVE hanging out with the Navarros in Key West.

How gorgeous is this book cover?! I love it! And I’m SUPER thrilled to have these family recipes from Alejandro’s family’s Cuban restaurant, Miranda’s! Yum! 😎

I was able to chat with the lovely Priscilla last week along with other lovely ladies from @lovearctually
We can’t wait to read more!