🥾All That Fills Us 🥾

“We are not meant to obsess over ourselves because it will not take much time for us to realize what flawed creatures we are. The more we focus on ourselves, the more we obsess over all those flaws. We lose sleep over them, revolve our whole lives around fixing them because at that point, we are all we see. We become blinded by ourselves.”

“Try not to give that little voice too much power. It can overrun your life if you’re not careful.”

Mel is quickly losing her battle with an eating and exercise disorder. Instead of going to rehab, she sets off on a journey walking from Michigan to Mount Rainier to prove to herself and others that her life isn’t a waste. She meets various people on the way and learns from each of them.

Friends, get this book. It’s one of my favorites of 2022. Heartbreaking. Moving. Witty. Poingant with a hint of Faith. You will root for Mel and grieve with her every step of her journey!

Each person on Mel’s journey contributes to her self acceptance and their lessons are lessons for every reader. I think we all have a piece of Mel in us, fighting to accept and love our various flaws. This book is such a stunning reminder that we were created for a purpose and that our world needs the gifts that we have.

CW: Parental abandonment, eating disorders, mental illness. Mel’s journey is so raw and her wounds (physical and emotional) are so substantial, which can be triggering for many who suffer from eating disorders or who have loved ones who do.

All That It Takes

💙All That It Takes💙

Thank you so much to @bethanyhousefiction and @nicoledeeseauthor for my copy.

“All that it takes is one person being willing to step out in love for the betterment of another to change the trajectory of an entire life.”

💙I absolutely loved last year’s All That Really Matters and I was so excited to dive into Miles and Val’s story!

💙Miles is an outreach pastor who has been pulled from his ministry in Mexico and is now serving at a struggling outreach facility and bidding his time until he can go overseas again. He arrives home to find his sister Molly (from All That Really Matters) has rented out his upstairs apartment to Val.

💙Val is a single mom who moves from Alaska to Spokane to work for Molly and try to carve her own path in life. While working in video editing for Molly, Val enters a documentary film contest and goes on a journey of forgiveness & self discovery that will change her life and others.

Read it if you like:
💙Best friend’s brother trope
💙Single moms who find their inner strength
💙Found families
💙Christian fiction that isn’t fluffy or preachy

💙Deese touches on some really heavy topics but treats them with hope and compassion. They include: disability discrimination, abortion, abandonment, depression, and suicide



My husband bought me “Hooked” by Sutton Foster for Christmas, and I’ve been excited but also nervous to read it. I knew Sutton was going to unpack some heavy things and, being the person I am, I empathize and always cry alongside the author. Her book was a delight and didn’t disappoint! Sutton doesn’t shy away from her experiences and even though she is a famous Broadway star, it often felt relatable. Like Sutton, I have always loved to craft (baking, coloring with my kids, book bullet journaling, and crochet are my favorites). Even though our experiences aren’t the same, I definitely related a lot to Sutton’s need to create to help with swirling emotions or find a little peace with events outside of my control.

I also love musical theatre and hearing about Sutton’s life and some behind the scenes info was really fun! She’s currently starring on Broadway in “The Music Man” with Hugh Jackman and it sounds like a phenomenal show!!

Do you like to craft or create? What’s your biggest hobby outside of reading?

In Search of a Prince

Thank you to Bethany House publishers and NetGalley for copies of In Search of a Prince in exchange for an honest review.

Bri finds out she is the heir to Oloro Ile, a country in Western Africa and moved there to learn how to be a royal.

I was incredibly excited about this book! The cover is stunning and it’s a throw back to the Princess Diaries movies and books of my tween years. Plus, add a woman of color and I was in! I really loved the setting, the realistic feel of Oloro Ile, the descriptions of the scenery, the clothes, the palace, etc. I also liked Bri a lot and thought she was a good character. I liked her friendship with Iris too.

However, I didn’t love In Search of a Prince as much as I was hoping to. I thought that a lot of the book was dialogue and that got hard to follow. It also read like fan fiction quite a bit and felt a little disjointed in many parts.

Definitely check it out if you love a light hearted, clean romance with lots of faith sprinkled in but if you are looking more critically, I’d skip it.

A Heart Adrift

🌊A Heart Adrift🌊

Thank you to partner @revellbooks for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review!

If you love historical fiction, second chance romance, chocolate, and strong heroines this book is for you! 10 years after Henri chose the sea over her, chocolatier Esmee is restless and longing for a change. She still longs to restore and keep the lighthouse near York, Virginia, a dream she shared with Henri. Instead she runs her family’s chocolate shop and carries on her mother’s love of caring for those in the almshouse. But with war with France looming, Henri returns to York and to Esmee. He gets orders of a secret naval mission to intercept French ships, putting their possible future in jeopardy.

I loved the setting and had to do some Googling about a few historical events- which I love doing. I also loved all the talk about chocolate and the lighthouse, which have always fascinated me. There are a few scenes of Esmee in high society where she delivers some awesome put downs, Elizabeth Bennet style! Definitely put it on your TBR!

⚔️FUN HISTORICAL FACT- This lighthouse is on Morris Island off Folly Beach near Charleston and is the Civil War site where the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, an all African American regiment the movie “Glory” is about, suffered major casualties. In fact about a week before we went to Morris Island, it was shut down because some Civil War cannon balls had been unearthed by the changing tides! 🌊🌊

Are you a historical fiction reader?
If so, what time period do you like the most?

The Girl Who Breathe Under Water

After reading and loving Bartels’ “All That We Carried” last year, I knew I had to read her new book, “The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water.”

Following her smash hit first book, Kendra goes back to her beloved grandfather’s cabin on a lake in Michigan to try to overcome writers block. As she struggles to put pen to paper she reflects on her book’s success, her summers at this very cabin, and the real life events the book inspired. Kendra searches for the answers of what really happened and discovers so much more than she originally intended. Bartels expertly weaves hope with trauma on each page.

I love that all of Erin‘s books take place in Michigan, her home. Her writing is vivid and yet deeply personal, a unique balance!

Thank you to @revellbooks for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

What are you reading this week?
CW: sexual assault, grief

📚The Last Chance Library 📚

“…the library is about so much more than simply books. Libraries are like a net, there to catch those of us in danger of falling through the cracks.”

June Jones lives in the sleepy little village of Chalcot, England. Since her mother’s death 8 years ago, she has grieved by mostly shutting out the world. She works as a library assistant and helps a wide array of folks each day in the library. When their local council tries to shut down the library, June must find her courage and save the library.

This is the feel good book you’ve been looking for! If you love books, reading, and libraries, hustle out and pick it up!

✅Quirky, adorable characters you’ll fall in love with
✅A book about books
✅British vocabulary/humor🥰
✅You’ll be thankful for your local library and all it does for your community.


Do you use your local library?

🌺The Layover🌺

Doesn’t this make you want to book a tropical vacation? 😎


It may be fall but if you need a fun escape, check out The Layover! It’s been all over #bookstagram this summer and it was worth the hype!

The Layover was written by @allaboutthat_lace -a real life flight attendant! According to the notes about the author, she wrote much of the book from the jump seat! I love it ✈️

Ava is engaged to the picture perfect man and is starting her last trip as a flight attendant. She’s looking forward to settling down even though she grew up with parents with major wanderlust and settling down seems like the next big adventure.

Unfortunately, she’s assigned a trip with the awful Jack, a fellow flight attendant who she’s been trying to avoid for a few years after he helped her former pilot BF cheat. But when the plane is grounded in Belize due to mechanical issues, Ava has to decide what she really wants in life and who to spend it with. 😎

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

👻The Lost Village👻

I finished this a few weeks ago (I’m behind!) and unfortunately it’s another “eh” for me. If you’ve read this DM me!!

Here’s what I liked:
👻Creepy, dark atmosphere
👻The cover- very spooky!
👻The premise definitely hooked me in!

Here’s what I didn’t like:
🏚The main character, Alice
🏚Pretty major plot holes/ absolutely unbelievable things that happened.
🏚The book highlights mental illness but sometimes feels a little like it equates mental illness with psychosis.
🏚Violence toward a person with a disability (specific content warning below)

For the first 200 pages I liked it. Weird stuff was happening, people disappeared, and I was here for the spookiness. Then it just went off the rails a little bit. It felt a little like the author couldn’t decide if she wanted the book to be paranormal or to have it be a believable story. The result was it just didn’t work. 🤷🏻‍♀️
What was the last book you were disappointed in?

Content warning: mental illness discussion and recovery, rape and resulting childbirth of person with a disability, violent death of this character, brain washing, religious abuse, murder, descriptions of murdered bodies

🌮Tacos for Two 🌮

🌮Tacos for Two 🌮

Thank you to @revellbooks and @betsystamanthaddox for my copy of Tacos for Two!

If you love tacos, You’ve Got Mail, mixed with humor and deeper themes then this is your book!

Rory inherits a food truck from her aunt and she is struggling to keep it functioning. Jude is working with his cutthroat brother and father at their family’s law firm, taking the northern Texas courts by force. But he really wants to sharpen his knives and take on cooking.

Their alter egos are falling in love online, but when they meet in person they do not get along. Especially when Jude decides to be the main competition in a food truck cook off. Once they find out who the other really is, will they be able to keep their love going?

I really loved this one! I loved that their problems were so real. So many people are meeting online these days and it was fun/awful (is that possible🤷🏻‍♀️) to put myself in their shoes and wonder how I would handle their situation!

Also, I’m obsessed with the cover!

In the book, Rory hates cilantro while Jude loves it. Are you a cilantro person?

Steam Level: 🔥(kissing but otherwise pretty clean)