Everything is Just Beginning

I received this book from the publisher. Thank you to Revell Fiction and the author for my copy. All thoughts are my own.

Wow! This is my 3rd Erin Bartels book and it’s my favorite! Erin is a wonderful writer who fully transports the reader to the setting through all 5 senses. This is unlike anything I’ve read before and I loved every page!

It’s NYE 1989 in Detroit. Michael Sullivan has been kicked out of his band, has a job that is taking him no where, and lives in a trailer with his dead beat uncle. He steals his uncle’s NYE party invitation to the neighbor’s house- the Wheelers. As in Dusty Wheeler, music producer legend, and Deb, famous folk singer. Michael weaves his way around the party seeing famous musicians and athletes and wonders how he can find an “in” to get back in his band’s good graces. But Michael meets Natalie, the Wheeler’s musically talented daughter who happens to be blind. They strike up a friendship and Michael is soon swept up in the Wheeler family’s life. When Michael and Natalie form their own band, Intersection, their music and lyrics are an incredible mash up of genres, musical influence, lyrics, and style.

Through on page lyrics, Bartel’s own impressive musical background is revealed. Throw in some snarky lyrics directed at Michael’s old bandmates and some moving songs about life, I’m sad Intersection isn’t a real band. Luckily Bartels includes some links to Spotify playlists, including some of Intersection’s original songs.

Read if you love:

🎸90s pop culture and historical events, rooting for underdogs, music of all genres

TW- there is a character who is dying of cancer so be gentle if that is a trigger for you.

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