⚔️ Legendborn ⚔️

This was definitely a #bookstagrammademedoit read and I really liked it!

I mostly listened to this on audio but I had to renew it from the library a few times because it is a big book. The narrator was great and definitely helped with some of the magical names as well as nailing all the condescending Southern accents.

The author does a great job of weaving magic with the generational trauma of slavery and its lasting effects. Bree’s experience of infiltrating the Order as a black woman and the micro-aggressions she faces were also an added bonus for a different and meaningful perspective. I loved the exciting beginning, I thought the middle was a little slow with the world building, and the end was action packed! I’m definitely excited to read the sequel later this year.

⚔️Read if you love:
-Magical realism
-King Arthur retellings/lore
-Action packed fights
-Morally gray love interests
-Love triangles
-Academic settings

Have you read this one? Are you a fan of King Arthur tales and retellings?

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