The Long Way Home

“Eli Ross had a black eye, a fractured wrist, and nothing else to his name. It was not the way he’d planned to come home.”

How’s that for a first line?!

Thank you to @revellbooks for my copy in exchange for an honest review. The Last Way Home is available now!

This is Book 2 in the Prince Edward Island Shores series from @lizjohnsonbooks but it can be read as a stand alone.

Years ago, Eli left behind his mother and two brothers on Prince Edward Island to join the NHL. He enjoyed success and a lavish lifestyle until he made a terrible choice and now has nothing. With no where else to go, he returns home where he expects hatred and distrust but is met with love and forgiveness. Violet has been helping Eli’s mother run her ceramics shop for years after fleeing her home to due to tragedy. Eli and Violet start off on the wrong foot but soon bond over their past mistakes and their love for the island and it’s people.

But both their pasts finally catch up with them, testing their feelings and their resolve to heal.

-Read if you love:
🌾beautiful descriptions of Prince Edward Island
🏒 Hockey
❤️‍🩹Prodigal Son stories
🫶Sweet love
🏠Small towns
❤️Found family

After reading Anne of Green Gables as a kid, I’ve always want to travel to PEI. Have you been there? Is it on your bucket list?

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