🥾All That Fills Us 🥾

“We are not meant to obsess over ourselves because it will not take much time for us to realize what flawed creatures we are. The more we focus on ourselves, the more we obsess over all those flaws. We lose sleep over them, revolve our whole lives around fixing them because at that point, we are all we see. We become blinded by ourselves.”

“Try not to give that little voice too much power. It can overrun your life if you’re not careful.”

Mel is quickly losing her battle with an eating and exercise disorder. Instead of going to rehab, she sets off on a journey walking from Michigan to Mount Rainier to prove to herself and others that her life isn’t a waste. She meets various people on the way and learns from each of them.

Friends, get this book. It’s one of my favorites of 2022. Heartbreaking. Moving. Witty. Poingant with a hint of Faith. You will root for Mel and grieve with her every step of her journey!

Each person on Mel’s journey contributes to her self acceptance and their lessons are lessons for every reader. I think we all have a piece of Mel in us, fighting to accept and love our various flaws. This book is such a stunning reminder that we were created for a purpose and that our world needs the gifts that we have.

CW: Parental abandonment, eating disorders, mental illness. Mel’s journey is so raw and her wounds (physical and emotional) are so substantial, which can be triggering for many who suffer from eating disorders or who have loved ones who do.

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