All That It Takes

💙All That It Takes💙

Thank you so much to @bethanyhousefiction and @nicoledeeseauthor for my copy.

“All that it takes is one person being willing to step out in love for the betterment of another to change the trajectory of an entire life.”

💙I absolutely loved last year’s All That Really Matters and I was so excited to dive into Miles and Val’s story!

💙Miles is an outreach pastor who has been pulled from his ministry in Mexico and is now serving at a struggling outreach facility and bidding his time until he can go overseas again. He arrives home to find his sister Molly (from All That Really Matters) has rented out his upstairs apartment to Val.

💙Val is a single mom who moves from Alaska to Spokane to work for Molly and try to carve her own path in life. While working in video editing for Molly, Val enters a documentary film contest and goes on a journey of forgiveness & self discovery that will change her life and others.

Read it if you like:
💙Best friend’s brother trope
💙Single moms who find their inner strength
💙Found families
💙Christian fiction that isn’t fluffy or preachy

💙Deese touches on some really heavy topics but treats them with hope and compassion. They include: disability discrimination, abortion, abandonment, depression, and suicide

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