My husband bought me “Hooked” by Sutton Foster for Christmas, and I’ve been excited but also nervous to read it. I knew Sutton was going to unpack some heavy things and, being the person I am, I empathize and always cry alongside the author. Her book was a delight and didn’t disappoint! Sutton doesn’t shy away from her experiences and even though she is a famous Broadway star, it often felt relatable. Like Sutton, I have always loved to craft (baking, coloring with my kids, book bullet journaling, and crochet are my favorites). Even though our experiences aren’t the same, I definitely related a lot to Sutton’s need to create to help with swirling emotions or find a little peace with events outside of my control.

I also love musical theatre and hearing about Sutton’s life and some behind the scenes info was really fun! She’s currently starring on Broadway in “The Music Man” with Hugh Jackman and it sounds like a phenomenal show!!

Do you like to craft or create? What’s your biggest hobby outside of reading?

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