In Search of a Prince

Thank you to Bethany House publishers and NetGalley for copies of In Search of a Prince in exchange for an honest review.

Bri finds out she is the heir to Oloro Ile, a country in Western Africa and moved there to learn how to be a royal.

I was incredibly excited about this book! The cover is stunning and it’s a throw back to the Princess Diaries movies and books of my tween years. Plus, add a woman of color and I was in! I really loved the setting, the realistic feel of Oloro Ile, the descriptions of the scenery, the clothes, the palace, etc. I also liked Bri a lot and thought she was a good character. I liked her friendship with Iris too.

However, I didn’t love In Search of a Prince as much as I was hoping to. I thought that a lot of the book was dialogue and that got hard to follow. It also read like fan fiction quite a bit and felt a little disjointed in many parts.

Definitely check it out if you love a light hearted, clean romance with lots of faith sprinkled in but if you are looking more critically, I’d skip it.

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