A Heart Adrift

🌊A Heart Adrift🌊

Thank you to partner @revellbooks for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review!

If you love historical fiction, second chance romance, chocolate, and strong heroines this book is for you! 10 years after Henri chose the sea over her, chocolatier Esmee is restless and longing for a change. She still longs to restore and keep the lighthouse near York, Virginia, a dream she shared with Henri. Instead she runs her family’s chocolate shop and carries on her mother’s love of caring for those in the almshouse. But with war with France looming, Henri returns to York and to Esmee. He gets orders of a secret naval mission to intercept French ships, putting their possible future in jeopardy.

I loved the setting and had to do some Googling about a few historical events- which I love doing. I also loved all the talk about chocolate and the lighthouse, which have always fascinated me. There are a few scenes of Esmee in high society where she delivers some awesome put downs, Elizabeth Bennet style! Definitely put it on your TBR!

⚔️FUN HISTORICAL FACT- This lighthouse is on Morris Island off Folly Beach near Charleston and is the Civil War site where the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, an all African American regiment the movie “Glory” is about, suffered major casualties. In fact about a week before we went to Morris Island, it was shut down because some Civil War cannon balls had been unearthed by the changing tides! 🌊🌊

Are you a historical fiction reader?
If so, what time period do you like the most?

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