👻The Lost Village👻

I finished this a few weeks ago (I’m behind!) and unfortunately it’s another “eh” for me. If you’ve read this DM me!!

Here’s what I liked:
👻Creepy, dark atmosphere
👻The cover- very spooky!
👻The premise definitely hooked me in!

Here’s what I didn’t like:
🏚The main character, Alice
🏚Pretty major plot holes/ absolutely unbelievable things that happened.
🏚The book highlights mental illness but sometimes feels a little like it equates mental illness with psychosis.
🏚Violence toward a person with a disability (specific content warning below)

For the first 200 pages I liked it. Weird stuff was happening, people disappeared, and I was here for the spookiness. Then it just went off the rails a little bit. It felt a little like the author couldn’t decide if she wanted the book to be paranormal or to have it be a believable story. The result was it just didn’t work. 🤷🏻‍♀️
What was the last book you were disappointed in?

Content warning: mental illness discussion and recovery, rape and resulting childbirth of person with a disability, violent death of this character, brain washing, religious abuse, murder, descriptions of murdered bodies

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