🌮Tacos for Two 🌮

🌮Tacos for Two 🌮

Thank you to @revellbooks and @betsystamanthaddox for my copy of Tacos for Two!

If you love tacos, You’ve Got Mail, mixed with humor and deeper themes then this is your book!

Rory inherits a food truck from her aunt and she is struggling to keep it functioning. Jude is working with his cutthroat brother and father at their family’s law firm, taking the northern Texas courts by force. But he really wants to sharpen his knives and take on cooking.

Their alter egos are falling in love online, but when they meet in person they do not get along. Especially when Jude decides to be the main competition in a food truck cook off. Once they find out who the other really is, will they be able to keep their love going?

I really loved this one! I loved that their problems were so real. So many people are meeting online these days and it was fun/awful (is that possible🤷🏻‍♀️) to put myself in their shoes and wonder how I would handle their situation!

Also, I’m obsessed with the cover!

In the book, Rory hates cilantro while Jude loves it. Are you a cilantro person?

Steam Level: 🔥(kissing but otherwise pretty clean)

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