Beyond the Tides

⚓️Beyond the Tides ⚓️

Thank you @revellbooks for my copy of Beyond the Tides!

This is a new series taking place on Prince Edward Island! When I saw that, my inner Anne of Green Gables fan girl squealed and I wanted the book no matter what!

I’m happy to say, it didn’t disappoint! It’s an enemy to lovers trope, which is my favorite!
Meg’s father owns a lobster fishing business and wants to sell it to her HS nemesis, Oliver. She can’t stand the idea of him inheriting her dad’s lifelong work so she quits her job as a teacher and decides to compete for the job against Oliver. Her dad will decide who gets the business after the lobster season ends.
Meg throws herself into the business with funny results. Meg and Oliver both realize the other isn’t who they thought they were and bond over grief they both experience. But when someone starts to sabotage the business they have to work together to have a successful fishing season and find the culprit.

This story was full of charm and absolutely realistic characters. And now I need to live on PEI!

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