📘🐴Along a Storied Trail 📘🐴

📘🐴Along a Storied Trail 📘🐴

“The way the Lord can bring blessings at hard times can confound a body for certain.”

Thank you to @revellbooks for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
Fans of The Giver of Stars will like this book, the vivid but not quite as gritty story of another Great Depression Appalachian pack horse librarian.
Tansy Calhoun is a the local “book woman” who provides books to the local mountain folk. The story is full of several sweet love stories, and lots of uplifting faith during very hard times. There are a lot of interesting and funny characters but occasionally it felt like a lot of people to keep straight.
Overall, I liked this lovely story. I love books about books and this is worth a read!

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