Shadows of the White City

🤍I just finished Shadows of the White City by @author_jocelyn_green late last night and it didn’t disappoint!!!

🤍Sylvie Townsend runs her inherited bookstore in Chicago, sublets the apartments in her building to a pair of musician brothers and an aging German couple, and manages the education of her 17 year old adoptive daughter, Rose. Despite all Sylvie has done for Rose since she adopted her at age 4, Rose is still always searching for her “real” family. When Rose goes missing, Sylvie uncovers the depth of Rose’s wish to find her roots and must save her from the dangerous people who wish to harm her- including those Sylvie personally knows.

🤍I really enjoyed Green’s vivid writing and now I want to learn all the things about the Chicago World’s Fair! I also loved the themes of what makes a family and how sometimes our family isn’t related by blood.

🤍This is the second book in the Windy City Saga but Green provides enough background that if you haven’t read the first book you won’t be lost.
Definitely add this book to your list!

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