A Dance in Donegal☘️🇮🇪

☘️Book review ☘️

St. Patrick’s Day is coming! If you need a quaint romance/mystery set in 1920 Ireland to get you in the mood for the holiday, definitely pick up A Dance in Donegal!

Moira travels to the village of Ballymann, the home of her deceased mother, to become the new teacher. When she arrives, she’s overwhelmed by the language, the weather, and the mysterious hostility many of the town’s residents have toward her. Relying on her faith and a few kind neighbors, Moira tries to uncover the mysterious circumstances of her mother’s sudden departure years before as well as how to truly be considered part of the village.

Charming and full of Irish vocabulary (@jenniferdeibel_author even includes a glossary of Irish phrases and terms), definitely check this one out! Diebel lived in Donegal for many years and her descriptions are so vivid and obviously based on her home.

TW: there is a brief scene of sexual assault that may be upsetting.

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