🍁All That We Carried🍁

Thank you to Revell Books and Erin Bartels for this copy of All That We Carried.


Set in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula in October, sisters Melanie and Olivia have hardly spoken in 10 years. Their parents were lost in a tragic car accident and each handled the grief differently. After 10 years, they decide to try to reconnect and take off into the Michigan wilderness. They encounter bears, a forest fire, they lose their map, but each finds what they were looking for- just not in the way they were expecting.

After reading this, I was ready to head to the nearest outdoor store to stock up for a wilderness hike! I loved how Bartels describes the forest and waterfalls while also keeping my attention and keeping the plot moving. Each sister has many flaws and redeemable qualities so you are rooting for both of them.

Definitely check this book out!

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