The Night Swim

I finished The Night Swim this morning as part of a Buddy Read.

It tells the story of Rachel, who hosts a very successful true crime podcast. She is recording her 3rd season while covering a rape trial that pits the local Golden Boy against a 16 year old girl. Rachel also starts to get letters from someone who claims her sister was murdered 25 years ago. Driven to find the answer to both crimes, Rachel uncovers more than she bargains for.

At times, it was tough to read this book as it dives deeply into the crime and the trauma the girl experiences. What I liked most about the book is that it casts a needed spotlight on consent, sexual assault, and the entitlement for sex that some men feel. Even though it’s fiction, it definitely shows how some small towns can be just as dangerous and corrupt as big cities.

Have you read The Night Swim?

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