Until I Met You

I’m filling your feed today with pumpkin bread and Until I Met You by Tari Faris. It’s Book 2 in the Restoring Heritage series.

It tells the story of a small town in Michigan that is trying to be revamped by a giant cast of main and secondary characters. Libby moves to town for a new start, to be closer to her brother, and to be the town’s new librarian. She soon meets her neighbor, Austin, who is trying to save his family’s business and complete the town square’s overhaul he’s been hired to do. Libby’s big ideas for the library derail his plans. Also his brother (Nate) is the town pastor and, despite Nate’s checkered past, everyone loves him. This really angers Austin since he sees Nate as just a big screw up. Austin’s not wrong, but he needs to let some things go. The story goes back and forth between Libby and Austin’s love story and Nate and his love interest.
Unfortunately, Austin is so angry all the time about a lot of things and I was disappointed Libby didn’t tell him to take a hike. The nice things he did for her didn’t outweigh his temper, in my opinion.
Nate also was frustrating since he kept leading his girl on and then acting like she was too good for him. Too many mixed signals.

This would make a decent Hallmark movie- fun, clean, and modern… but they would need to change Austin’s attitude first!

What is your favorite romantic trope?

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