With the Fire on High

In honor of my son turning 4 today, I wanted to highlight With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo.

Ever since he was little, my son loves all things kitchen related! With the Fire on High, Emoni has an innate talent for creating kitchen masterpieces. As a senior in HS, she’s trying to balance her part time job, school load, her toddler, and helping manage the house she shares with her grandma. She decides to sign up for a Culinary Arts elective and it teaches her skills in both the kitchen and in life.

This book was narrated by the author and I could listen to her all day! I loved the descriptions of all the Puerto Rican dishes- don’t read this when you’re hungry! Emoni’s emotional maturity for a HS senior was also really admirable. She’s so smart and conducts herself so well in tons of tough situations.

Definitely check out this book! You’ll root for Emoni every step of the way!!

What’s your favorite thing to cook? 🌮🥙🍚🍪🍗🍳

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