Acceptable Risk

Whew! Hey friends! It’s been awhile! With the back to school season, we’ve been super busy, as I’m sure many of you have been too!

Well buckle up for a fast paced, wild ride. Here’s my review for Acceptable Risk, the 2nd book in the Danger Never Sleeps series.

Sarah, a military journalist, is taken hostage in the Middle East along with some female students. Luckily she is rescued by Gavin Black, a former Army Ranger, at the request of her father, a Lieutenant General in the Army. Her father also arranges for her to be discharged on a false psychiatric diagnosis. Sarah is NOT happy and it only furthers past wounds she carries from her relationship with her father.

Once stateside, Sarah learns of a string of veteran suicides, including her own brother. Unable to accept this news, she soon uncovers more than she bargained for and she and Gavin try to uncover the truth in these mysterious deaths. But someone wants them both dead and will do anything to keeps some secrets hidden.

I’m giving this one ⭐️⭐️⭐️.⭐️/5⭐️

There is a high body count and Sarah finds herself in some literally unbelievable situations all within a short span of time (attempted abduction, hostage situation, being run off the road,etc).
You don’t need to have read the first book in the series although those characters make a few cameos. If you are looking for a quick, action packed read this is definitely the book for you but be sure to see the trigger warnings below ⬇️ Acceptable Risk is available now!

Trigger Warnings: suicide, PTSD, violence, abduction, addiction to prescriptions

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