💄One to Watch💄

💄Book review 💄


I got “One to Watch” earlier this summer from Book of the Month and I just finished! I’m reading with some fab ladies in a Buddy Read group and we are loving it. This is probably my favorite new book of the summer! 😎☀️

Here’s the scoop: Bea, a plus sized fashion blogger, is a longtime Main Squeeze show (modeled after the Bachelor) viewer. One night she has a little to much 🍷 and writes a post about the show that goes viral. She criticizes the show’s lack of body diversity and actual diversity and, as a result, they ask her to be the next Main Squeeze. Originally, Bea agrees to do it to further her own career, but she soon gets swept up in the romance and fantasy of the show! I was really excited to see how this ended but my lips are sealed! 😍🤐

While an easy read, Kate Stayman London does an amazing job spotlighting self love, friendship, forgiveness, family relationships, and body diversity. You’ll love Bea and the cast of characters. 💞

I’ve never seen a whole season of The Bachelor! 😄🤷🏻‍♀️ Do you watch?

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