A Life Once Dreamed

Thank you to Revell Publishing and to NetGalley for this eARC! “A Life Once Dreamed” is available now!

Rachel Fordham’s “A Life Once Dreamed” takes place in America’s Dakota Territory in the late 1800s. Agnes Pratt suddenly abandons her fiance and family after learning a secret, and she moves to the small frontier town of Penance. For six years she teaches school, makes friends, and vows to never marry. Then one day her former fiance, James Harris, shows up as the new town doctor. He’s come to win her back but numerous obstacles arise, including a deadly scarlet fever epidemic.

I absolutely love a good, Christian romance but I love them even more when there are issues that are relevant to the present day. “A Life Once Dreamed” definitely delivers. The issue covered here involves not prejudging someone based on their background. In this case, it’s prejudging illegitimate children but I love that this lesson can be applied to a number of present day issues. I think Fordham’s Aggie sums it up best when she says, “It’s time the world stops punishing the innocent for crimes they did not commit.”

You will love this fast read that was the perfect escape!


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