Mexican Gothic

I’m totally a sucker for a gorgeous book cover. I can’t resist. So when it was time to pick my July Book of the Month (see my Affiliates link for a discount on your first box!) I was drawn to “Mexican Gothic” by Sylvia Moreno- Garcia. I had also seen some buzz about this book, and I love a good thriller, so I immediately picked it.

Noemí Taboada is a socialite in Mexico City in the 1950s who lives a fast and fun lifestyle. Her father receives a very strange and frantic letter from her cousin, Catalina, who is a newlywed living in the countryside with her new husband and his family. Noemí’s father needs her to go to investigate Catalina’s situation and bring her home if needed. Once she arrives at Hill Place (the dark and ominous manor where Catalina lives), Noemí realizes something is definitely NOT RIGHT. Sounds like the beginning of a great thriller, right? Ehhh, sort of.

First of all, I really enjoyed Garcia’s writing style. She is a master at building the isolation of the manor, the past-it’s-prime- small town, the creepiness of the house, and the major sense of foreboding, which I loved. I’ve seen some people say they thought the first part of the book was slow and I do agree with that to a certain extent; but aren’t all thrillers going to give the reader a small sense of comfort and normalcy and then- WHAM! Something happens! This one is no different. Once the major events of the book start, buckle up for some really weird stuff.

I wasn’t expecting some of the twists and turns in this book. While that’s normally a good thing, many of them are truly disturbing and contain numerous potentially triggering subject matter (see below) especially for a mom of young kids like me. If you aren’t in the phase of life I’m in, it might not bother you as much. The end and final twist still has me scratching my head and wondering “What?!” I’d love you hear your opinion if you’ve read it!!

⭐️⭐️.⭐️/ 5 stars

Content warning: eugenics, racism, sexual assault, infanticide, incest, cannibalism

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