Book Review: ☀️Big Summer☀️

4 ⭐️

Daphne Berg is a plus sized Instagram influencer who has battled herself and the way the world sees her her whole life. Cue lots of heartbreaking flashbacks to her childhood where she was manipulated to think that her self worth equaled her clothing size. This includes a love/hate relationship with her childhood best friend, Drue. After realizing Drue isn’t the friend she appears to be, Daphne cuts her out of her life and doesn’t look back. Until several years later when Drue shows up needing an enormous favor. Disaster ensues.

What I loved:

⁃ All the real talk about self worth, image, and weight loss culture. I am trying to raise my daughter that loving herself (flaws and all) is just as important as loving those around you. Some of us are STILL learning this and I love that this book features a plus sized heroine.

⁃ Despite its modern setting, it’s a classic who-dun- it crime story.

⁃ It’s still a fun mystery book that is perfect for summer, but I loved the sprinkling of deeper and more meaningful themes of family relationships, body image, and the potential harms of social media.

If you need a good pool or backyard patio read, pick it up. You’ll love it. 😎

Trigger warnings:

Murder/ murder victim being found

A few brief sex scenes

Gaslighting/ manipulation of a child into weight loss

Mentions of emotionally distant parents

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