Book Review: Happiness for Beginners

🍼🍸Book Review🍸🍼


Synopsis: Recently kicked out of her now famous band, Claire is a big failure in the Big Apple. She spends her days drinking to forget and blowing through her bank account. And it doesn’t help that her former band’s hit song is everywhere.

In hopes of pulling her out of her funk, Claire’s cousin gets her a job as a musician for a playgroup for wealthy moms and babies. Despite the mindless singing, this group is just what Claire needs. She starts to grow out of her misery and develop friendships with a few members. But it all comes to a halt when Claire discovers some illegal activity that the moms are participating in. Her decision to confront them spirals each mom into a choice- do I do the right thing or do what is easy?

I didn’t hate this book but I didn’t love it either. I picked it as my BOTM since I was a nanny in college so the story intrigued me. As I thought, some of the stories and things Claire experiences sounded very familiar- plastic surgery, luxury homes, fancy vacations, employer/ employee dynamics, women obsessed with image, etc. And now, as a mom of small kids, I can definitely identify with the Pinterest mom image that so many women think they should portray. The book does a good job of describing the difficulty of being a working mom and the feelings of loneliness, lack of self worth, and anxiety that many stay at home parents feel.

Overall, I give it 🍼🍼🍼/5

Trigger warnings:

-drug use

-mention of using Plan B

-extra marital affairs

-a few “F” bombs here and there

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